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If you are having issues while troubleshooting your installation, see our page on SSL Configuration or our SSL support home.

The following pages are particularly helpful for resolving issues diagnosed by our certificate installation checker...

  • Certificate name mismatch error
  • Certificate not trusted error
  • Windows intermediate certificate issues
  • Exchange private key missing
  • Secure and nonsecure items error

SSL Certificate tutorials

SSL Certificate Installation Instructions

How to install your SSL Digital Certificate

SSL Certificates will be available for download when validation and processing are complete. (The SSL certificate itself is a text file; it is encrypted data that your web server will be able to understand when installed as a digital certificate.)

Before you begin the installation, make a back-up of your certificate that you can keep in a safe place. This makes re-securing your server much easier if your server crashes.

In addition to your SSL Certificate will be two more certificates to download. These are known as intermediate certificates, and are required so that browsers can know to trust your SSL certificate. Registered Authorities like DigiCert must provide a known root certificate before their SSL certificate will be trusted by SSL-enabled applications.

Installation is straightforward, but varies for different web server applications. Please select your server from our list in the side menu.

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