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Digicert Unified Communications Certificate

Unified Communications Certificate (SANS UCC Certificate)

DigiCert® Unified Communications Certificates

Unified Communications Certificates (sometimes known as UC or SAN Certificates) use Subject Alternative Names to let you secure up to 150 server names with one certificate. These ssl certificates are perfect for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Office Communications Server, and they've also proven useful for users of other platforms who need to secure multiple names across different domains. Plus every DigiCert UC Certificate comes with an Unlimited Server License!

Ideal for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007.

Unified Communications Certificates, also known asUC Certificates, or UCC Certificates give you full control of the Subject Alternative Name field so you can secure as few or as many host names as you like with just one SSL certificate.

Although UC certs are usually used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or 2010, they can be used with any major server type to secure multiple distinct hostnames in one certificate using the "Subject Alternate Name" field.

What you get:

Unlimited Server License. Most SSL certificates are licensed for use on one physical server, but DigiCert's unlimited server license lets you use your Unified Communications certificate on as many servers as you want.

Try our new EV UC certs our EV UC SSL certificates now can be used to include multiple domain names with Extended Validation security!

SHA-2/SHA-1 2048-bit certificates. SHA-2 SSL may be required by PCI compliance scanners or in dealing with federal regulations, and is available as a free upgrade on all of the certificates we offer. Standard encryption (SHA-1) is also available for customers requiring secure encryption and greater compatibility.

Simpler and easier to maintain than putting multiple IP addresses on your server and assigning a different certificate to each.

Easy to modify. Within your DigiCert account area you can add, remove, or edit the names in your UC Certificate at any time.

Trusted in all major browsers and email clients. Save yourself the hassle of installing a root certificate on all your mobile devices.

1 Year$3284 names, additional names $39 each
2 Years$5904 names, additionals $69 each(Save 10%)
3 Years$7874 names, additionals $89 each(Save 20%)


Secure multiple Exchange 2007 services (OWA, SMTP, Autodiscovery, ActiveSync, and Outlook Anywhere) with one UCC Certificate. Using a DigiCert Unified Communications SAN Certificate greatly reduces the complexity of your server configuration because it allows you to run all services on one IP address.

SSL for Exchange$328  (1-year base price)$0  (included in base price)$0  (included in base price)
4.exchange1.example.local$0  (included in base price)

Take advantage of our unlimited server licensing and reduce the cost of securing your main web site and your mail server by combining both server names into a single Unified Communications certificate (UC Certificate).$328  (1-year base price)$0  (included in base price)$0  (included in base price)