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Digicert WildCard SSL

Wildcard SSL Certificate from DigiCert

Wildcard Certificates for Unlimited Servers & Subdomains.

DigiCert's WildCard Plus ssl certificates secure an entire domain -- a certificate for * will secure,, and any other subdomain of you can think of. We even useSANs to let your wildcard ssl certificate secure the base domain: And every DigiCert WildCard SSL Certificate comes with an Unlimited Server License, so you only pay once, whether you have one server or one hundred.

WildCard SSL Certificates from DigiCert give you the best in flexibility, compatibility, and value. Wildcard SSL is designed for system administrators who want to save time and get the most for their money, a WildCard Certificate is perfect for anyone who runs multiple subdomains or has multiple servers. Many government agencies, educational institutions, and large organizationssave thousands of dollars each year with WildCard Plus.

What you get:

Security for your entire domain. Any wildcard certificate for * will secure,, and any other subdomain of DigiCert's wildcard stands out by allowing you to secure ANY subdomain of the domain your certificate was issued to through the use of Subject Alternate Names, or even the base domain itself —— something no other wildcard currently offers.

Unlimited server license. Most SSL certificates are only licensed for one physical server. With DigiCert's unlimited server license, you can use your WildCard certificate on as many servers as you want. You can even generate separate certificates with unique key pairs for each server. It's the ultimate in flexibility.

SHA-2/SHA-1 2048-bit SSL certificates. SHA-2 may be necessary for PCI compliance or in accordance with federal regulations, and is available on all the certificates DigiCert offers as an option during the order process. SHA-1 encryption is also available for customers looking for secure encryption with greater certificate ubiquity thanSHA2 SSL certificates currently offer.

3 Years$475 per year($1425)(You Save 20%)
2 Years$535 per year($1070)(You Save 10%)
1 Year$595
Customer Testimonials

Simplified maintenance. A DigiCert wildcard is a smart investment that saves you the time and overhead of managing multiple certificates and expiration dates.

Greater Mobile compatibility. Some mobile clients, including Windows Mobile 5, do not support wildcards, but they do support Subject Alternative Names. DigiCert lets you add SANs to your wildcard certificate to be Windows Mobile 5 compatible.

SSL Virtual Hosting on one IP. IIS 6 and Apache are both able to use a wildcard certificate to serve multiple secure sites from a single IP address.

Trusted by over 99% of browsers and devices. DigiCert wildcards are trusted by all major browsers, email clients, and mobile devices. See our compatibility page for details.

WildCard SSL Certificates - The DigiCert Difference

DigiCert's "WildCard Plus" SSL Certificates

Do you need one certificate to secure an entire domain with multiple subdomains ("," "," etc.)? Do you have multiple servers (web servers, mail servers, intranet servers, testing servers) that all need an SSL certificate? WildCard Plus, DigiCert's wildcard ssl certificate, is the product for you. WildCard Plus certificates have all the features you would expect from a wildcard certificate, along with a few features you may not get with other wildcards.

Why call it "WildCard Plus"

We added the "Plus" to the name because when you buy a DigiCert WildCard ssl certificate, you just get more:

  • More freedom. Our Unlimited Server License means you are free to use your certificate anywhere you like without having to pay us extra license fees. Put it on your web servers, your intranet servers, your mail servers -- put it on any server and any platform, and you don't have to pay us a dime extra.

    3 Years$475 per year($1425)(You Save 20%)Purchase
    2 Years$535 per year($1070)(You Save 10%)Purchase
    1 Year$595Purchase

    Your customer account has a simple "Duplicate Certificate" interface that allows you to issue as many certificates as you need to, quickly and for no extra charge.

  • More compatibility.WildCard certificates have a couple compatibility features that you won't find in traditional wildcard certificates:

    • Your own site. A typical wildcard certificate for "*" will work with names like " and," but not "" itself.

      This often comes as a disappointment to administrators who want to protect both and with the same certificate.

      DigiCert WildCard SSL resolves this problem by including the base domain in every wildcard certificate as a subject alternative name, a little-used but well-supported capability of SSL certificates.

      Even more, DigiCert WildCard ssl certificates are unique in allowing you to secure ANY subdomain of your domain, including multiple levels of subdomains with one certificate. For example, your WildCard for * com could include as a subject alternate name.

    • Mobile devices. WildCard Plus certificates allow you to choose up to ten specific subdomains ("," "," etc.) to list in the certificate, resolving issues some mobile devices have with the star (*) syntax of wildcard certificates.

      "Some of our customers have problems securely connecting to their company mail server, because their mobile devices do not support wildcard name matching," said Christopher Skarda, DigiCert's Director of Security Services. "We found that many of these mobile devices do support Subject Alternative Names. By putting the wildcard (e.g. '*') and the mail server name (e.g. '') into the same certificate, we found a way to enable devices to accept the specific host name. In the past, the only option was to purchase a separate SSL Certificate."

      And because this is done in our "Duplicate Certificate" interface -- instead of in the original certificate -- you can issue as many ssl certificates as you need to for as many subdomains as you need. So when we say "up to ten specific subdomains," that is per certificate, so our Unlimited Server License makes this unlimited too.

      Some server types, services, and devices do not work with wildcard ssl certificates. See them here.

Great value for your dollar

DigiCert's WildCard Plus certificates cost $595 for one year, $535/year for two years, and $475/year for three years. Take a look at our WildCard Plus Comparison page to see how well WildCard Plus compares to GeoTrust and Thawte (VeriSign currently does not offer wildcard certificates on their website). Our prices are significantly lower, but feature-for-feature, you will see that our product would be a better value even at the same price.

Professional Site Seal with a Bold Design

DigiCert's site seal gives you an easy way to let your customers know that your site is being secured by DigiCert and that their information is safe. And with one click of the seal, your customers can see that we have assured your identity.

SSL Done Right

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. We are available 24 hours a day, six days a week. You can reach us by phone, email, or by clicking the chat button.

If you have trouble configuring your cert on your server, you can also use our SSL installation checker to help identify problems. We even have an automated checker that will notify you of any issues with your certificate installation.

Inherent browser trust.

DigiCert's SSL Plus certificates are trusted by virtually every browser in use today, as well as dozens of smart phones and handheld computing devices. Check out our compatibility index for more information.